Frank Marum

Frank Marum has over 25 years of experience in telecommunications including both wireless and wireline communications. He is a partner and founding member of Telecom Systems Solutions. Frank combines a deep telecom industry understanding with a solid knowledge of telecommunications technology. His core skills include marketing, business development, business planning, and product management.

Prior to joining TSS has worked at the Gartner Group as Director of Telecom Consulting where he advised carriers, vendors and investors on next generation networks, broadband access and mobile wireless communications.

Some of his recent assignments include:

  • Business planning for technology startups in the broadband accesses and wireless sectors. (xDSL, Fixed Wireless, Cable Modems and 3G wireless.)
  • Due diligence for venture funds in the broadband access, softswitch and wireless sectors.
  • Competitive analysis for CLECs, ILECs and vendor solutions.
  • Assisted vendors with market assessment and market entry plans for the Next Generation Network and Softswitch market.
  • Assisted a Latin American wireless operator with the realignment of their distribution channels to improve margins. In addition provided an evaluation of the MVNO model as a potential new distribution channel.
  • Provided wireless device equipment vendors considering investment in 2.5/3G applications with a detailed assessment of market opportunities for broadband wireless mobility applications.
  • Developed a strategic growth plan for an U.S. regional power utility to evolve from a fiber wholesaler to a full-service carrier. This assignment included the development of a methodology to forecast bandwidth growth and carrier data revenues in second- and third-tier cities in the United States.
Prior to joining Gartner, Frank was Director of Product Management at Nortel for the SUCCESSION portfolio where he established programs to launch next generation services for both wireless and wireline products. In prior roles at Nortel he held a variety of positions in Engineering, Business Development and Marketing where he worked on CENTREX, ISDN CLASS and Intelligent Network products.

Frank is active in several industry forums including: NCF presenter and chairperson and as a Supercomm presenter.

Frank has a BSEE in Engineering from University College Dublin, IRELAND.

Contact Information
Tel: (919) 387-1036